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Chief Operation Officer

Jiratchaya (Japan) Sritaksinakul


iratchaya “Japan” Sritaksinakul is an accomplished and highly driven social entrepreneur, with a wealth of experience in developing and executing social development projects over the past three years. As the Chief Operating Officer at Mydemy, a leading social-enterprise, Jiratchaya has proven herself to be a key member of the team, working collaboratively and managing stakeholders in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

Jiratchaya’s passion for social impact is exemplified through her co-founding of Careerdemy Thailand in 2020, a highly successful social project aimed at combatting unemployment and underemployment during the economic downturn. Her dedication to this cause has led to significant positive change in the lives of many individuals in Thailand. With a keen interest in social development, Jiratchaya has demonstrated her commitment to making a difference in society by collaborating with many government agencies and serving as a 

member of the Thailand United-States Alumni Association. Her work experience as an intern at the press office at the U.S. Embassy Bangkok (2021) and consulting at the Board Directors office at Bangkok Bank (2022) have also helped her to gain valuable skills and insights that she applies in her current role.

Jiratchaya’s passion for social impact and dedication to her work make her an exceptional candidate for roles within the non-profit sector. With her proven track record of success in developing and executing social development projects, as well as her impressive work ethic and ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders, Jiratchaya is well positioned to make a significant impact in the field of social development.

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